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Based on Ayurvedic (East Indian "science of life") principles, these treatments focus on the vital energy points and pathways of the body to create a balancing and rejuvenating effect. The treatments are performed on a massage table, and utilize generous amounts of specially blended herbal oils customized to your specific needs. The desired result is a heightened state of awareness that will help to guide the innate healing system of the body.

These ancient eastern techniques have been used to help restore and maintain vitality in body, mind, and spirit for thousands of years. Come and discover why they are becoming so popular in the west!

Please note that I do not treat specific ailments, and I am not a "healer". Ayurvedic Massage is a powerful tool to help to relieve tension and stress, and thus promote the body's ability to heal itself, and can be very helpful as a support to specific medical treatment.


(ayurvedic exfoliation and soothing herbal oil treatment)

This treatment begins with dry skin brushing using raw silk gloves, followed by an individualized herbal oil massage. The brushing (garshana), prepares the skin so the herbal oil application can penetrate deeply and effectively. The treatment ends with the placement of warm, heavy bean bags on the body during a resting/integrating period to complete this ultimate relaxation experience.

Abhyanga ("rubbing of limbs") is the classic Ayurvedic Massage and is traditionally used to prepare the body for medical treatment. According to the Ayurvedic text Astanga Hridaya, the benefits of Abhyanga are:

  • overcomes fatigue
  • eases stress on the nervous system
  • nourishes the body
  • improves sleep
  • promotes sturdiness of the body

90 minutes - $75

Package of 4 x 90 minute A/G treatments - $260 (save $40)


(ayurvedic exfoliation and invigourating oil massage)

This treatment begins with dry skin brushing using raw silk gloves, followed by an invigorating massage with an aromatic oil blend designed to enliven your senses as well as your body and mind. The brushing (garshana), prepares the skin so the oil application can penetrate deeply and effectively. The treatment finishes with a few minutes of quiet resting/integration to allow the effects of this uplifting, yet relaxing experience to really sink in.

Vishesh is the deep tissue version of Ayurvedic massage, and is an excellent choice for those who are feeling sluggish and in need of rejuvenation after a long winter.

90 minutes - $75
Package of 4 x 90 minute Vishesh treatments - $260
(save $40)

Thai reflex massage

This treatment begins with a soothing face massage, targeting reflex and marma points, followed by forearms and hands. After that your lower legs and feet will be massaged, and finally, I will work the reflex points on your feet with a special rounded wooden Thai reflexology stick. Personalized Ayurvedic herbal-infused and/or essential oils will be used throughout to instill deep full-body and mind relaxation. Make sure you have ample time to "come back" after this one!

90 minutes - $75
Package of 4 x 90 minute Reflex treatments - $260
(save $40)

om shanti

(abhyanga or vishesh, garshana, Thai foot reflex combo)

This popular treatment begins with dry skin brushing using raw silk gloves, followed by an Ayurvedic full body herbal oil massage. Next comes a Thai foot reflex treatment. Your session will finish with the placement of warm, heavy bean bags on your body over a blanket during a resting/integrating period to complete this bodymind melting relaxation experience. Highly recommended!

120 minutes - $105
Package of 4 x 120 minute Om Shanti treatments - $380
(save $40)

frequently asked questions

What can I expect during my appointment?
I will ask you to fill out a confidential intake form, and we will discuss any health issues or concerns that you may have. The oil for your massage will be chosen based on your specific needs that day.

Your comfort during the massage is of the utmost importance. Temperature, ambient sound, draping and propping are all customized to ensure that you have the best experience possible at Joyful Lotus. Accommodations can be made for any physical challenges you may have.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable older clothing that you won't mind getting a bit oily when you redress afterward. Depending on the treatment you choose, your hair might be quite oily as well, so please bring a head covering (old scarf or hat) that you can wear afterward if it's chilly outside.

Where are you located?
I work from my log home in a bright and beautiful dedicated massage area. There is a washroom available, and there is ample parking. I am located about 30 minutes north of Kingston, off Perth Road, and I will provide the address and directions when you book your appointment.

Is HST extra? What payment options are available?
All prices include HST. Cash, cheque or e-transfers only, please. If using e-transfer, payment must occur before your appointment.

When purchasing a package of 4 treatments, the entire amount of the package must be paid on the first visit. Package services are non-transferable. There is no expiry date on the packages, and you may mix and match treatments of equal value.

Why are all of the massages at least 90 minutes long?
It is my belief and experience that in order to attain deep relaxation of the nervous system, a massage should last for at least 90 minutes. Since your massage time will not begin until you are on the table, expect to spent at least 1 hour and 45 minutes at your appointment. If you simply cannot spare that much time, please let me know. It is always my intention to work within your needs.

Book a session...

If you are interested in booking an Ayurvedic Massage, please email me with your preference for an appointment time (please specify time of day as well as day(s) of week). I will do my best to accommodate your schedule! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

Laurel has been certified in Ayurvedic massage techniques by the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Her teacher was Hilary Garivaltis, Founder, and former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda.