aromatic ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science of health and wellness that is based on working with nature to create and maintain harmony in body and mind.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatic oils from plants to affect the functioning of mind and body.

Both of these methodologies promote the use of oils and massage as gateways to restoring and maintaining health by soothing the effects of chronic stress, giving body and mind the opportunity to recover their harmony. Through massage, aromatic ayurveda can work synergistically to promote resilience to the effects of stress.

How do aromatherapy and ayurveda work together?

  • Both acknowledge that chronic stress can cause or exacerbate illness.
  • Both practices are based on treating the whole person, mind-body-spirit.
  • Both practices acknowledge that each person is unique and therefore treatment must be customized to each individual.
  • Both promote finding the root of disease, rather than merely treating symptoms.

How will aromatic aromatherapy enhance my massage?

  • Through massage, aromatic ayurveda works synergistically to promote resilience to the effects of stress.
  • Aromatic compounds from the essential oils enter the body through the nose and skin and work through the effects of their molecular structure, as well as through the sense of smell.
  • We will work together to choose the blend of herbal, essential and carrier oils to be used for your massage.
  • I will help you to choose a massage treatment best suited to your current needs.
  • You will receive a wonderful, relaxing massage!
  • We will discuss some lifestyle considerations (within my scope of practice), and I will suggest a course of massage treatment designed to reset your nervous system toward a state of balance upon request.

What if I'm scent-sensitive, or prefer an odourless massage?

No problem. The highest aim when you are at Joyful Lotus is for you to feel relaxed and safe. Anything that might draw away from your relaxation can be set aside, therefore the use of aromatic essential oils is completely optional. Excellent Ayurvedic effects can still be achieved through the use of appropriate carrier oils alone, which have very low, or no scent at all.